Welcome to my website. Let me introduce myself. I am Roy Ernst, someone that loves to travel, go on an adventure and like to work out.

I am someone that is motivated to get my work done and I always see myself helping others that need help. I like creating websites because it is something that is very interesting to me. Especially the part where I try to figure out what the best hosting is, searching for the best CDN to use and speeding up the website itself.

Since a friend recommended to start trying and using Ubuntu Servers to host things (websites, game servers, etc..), I got hooked. I love the way Ubuntu Servers work, the command line is one of my favorite things about making a website. Setting up the Apache2 server and configuring subdomains if needed.

What I like about making website’s is the clients you meet, every client has a different story that they want online. It’s quite interesting how people chose different things to send a message to the reader.

If you are interested in a website, take a look at my portfolio and if you like what I’m doing maybe we can make your dream come true!


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